Urban Planning and LOcal Authorities Development, UPLoAD is a young consultancy company in the areas of urban planning, local development, urban governance, urban public service delivery and evaluation and assistance to organizations in complex contexts. It brings together experts and researchers from the professional and academic fields that specialize in these issues. Its services include diagnosis, evaluation, analysis, and design studies as well as participatory processes and action-research programs.

UPLoAD works mainly with local development actors, including deconcentrated and decentralized authorities, the associative sector and international organizations involved in humanitarian response and development schemes.
As researchers, UPLoAD staff have led research projects and published in academia; and acted as consultants for international agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations (NNGO). As professionals, they have been involved in the development of local and territorial development strategies, as well as in the search for creative solutions to fill urgent gaps in the delivery of public services and evaluation of programs. In addition to the professional interest, local development and social cohesion represent a personal and collective commitment for the UPLoAD team and associates.