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Communication around the Permeable City

This project holds various actions: Firstly, a publication of a document that addresses both the specialists and the general public and aims to contribute to the dissemination of the permeable city concept and the importance of its application in Lebanon. Secondly, a workshop was held with local actors and water institutions in the municipality of Zahle that aims to raise awareness about this concept. Thirdly, a Hybrid event titled The Sponge City, organized by The Architects Consultants Branche at The order of Engineers and Architects Beirut #oea, in collaboration with #UPLoAD, #APIEU, and #LEWAP with the objective of discussing the concept with the larger public at the national level.

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    Atelier Permanent d' Initiation a l' Environnement -APIEU

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    Planning, Local Governance & Development