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Planning, Local Governance & Development

Local development is a wide field of intervention that aims to mobilize local human and natural assets to ensure sustainability and resilience for local communities and territories. However, issues of planning and governance are central to it.
In an era of increasing environmental, social, and economic challenges, and particularly in countries rocked with instability and crises, achieving development requires more planning efforts and more attention to governance issues. Indeed, with scarcer resources and uncertainty, there is a need to ensure that a minimum shared understanding of priorities exists among stakeholders, that resources and efforts are directed towards those priorities and that robust decision-making and organizational frameworks exist to ensure implementation.

UPLoAD team has an extensive practice, research, and teaching experience in the planning and local governance fields. In this regard, it provides local authorities or national and international organizations supporting them with two types of service:
·       Planning consultancy services to local authorities seeking to have a more confident grasp on their territorial challenges and the way to address them. This includes assistance in leading planning processes in order to reach comprehensive Strategic Plans and/or Local Action Plans. UPLoAD relies in this on context-sensitive methodologies that would best allow to map stakeholders, challenges, and priorities and to collectively identify desired futures, rising opportunities and possible ways to move towards more sustainable and resilient directions.
·       Governance analysis services aiming to strengthen local authorities’ capacity to lead on local development. This includes studies to local authorities on the potential for development of new services and their governance, reports to national and international organizations on governance-related challenges faced by local authorities when engaging in local economic development, and reports to think tanks seeking to enhance decentralization and local authorities’ capacity and accountability in delivering local services.