Strategizing local action
Local development is about the production of social, economic and ecological added value at the local level. Beyond particular projects, it is through the articulation of different modes of interventions and complementarities and capitalization of efforts that this added value and its sustainability could be ensured. Hence, UPLoAD assists local actors, mainly local authorities, in strategizing their action, especially through strategic planning and setting collective governance frameworks.
Evaluation and assistance
Evaluation and assistance to organizations to review their strategies and structures
Developing frameworks
Good and sustainable frameworks ensure that all actors, with the diversity of their potentials, needs and concerns, act toward achieving the best strategies and actions. Also, there is an increasing awareness among humanitarian actors of the need to move beyond the historical reliance on direct service provision to displaced populations in urban settings and towards an approach that engages authorities in places of displacement to address rights, social cohesion and inclusion issues. UPLoAD helps local and decentralized authorities in strengthening their organizational ability and supports them in creating a common platform for all actors where coordination, debates and mutual support all contribute to better governance systems in support for sustainable, resilient, inclusive and safe cities. UPLoAD can help as well in finding ways to ensure effective, sustainable, and inclusive public service delivery in different urban contexts.